Levitra for Erectile Dysfunction from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

LevitraLevitra is a drug developed by German scientists to restore male power. This is hard to believe, but according to the efficiency indicator, this remedy is the most popular drug for erectile dysfunction. Scientists guarantee that this drug will come to the rescue even to those men who failed in the therapy with other drugs that increase potency.

Why use Levitra?

  • Levitra is the most effective and reliable drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • Levitra is effective for patients who are not sensitive to other drugs of the PDE-5 inhibitor group;
  • Quick result – in 10-25 minutes;
  • Validity – 8-10 hours;
  • High drug safety and minimum side effects

Levitra description

Levitra drug is a new-comer in the pharmaceutical market, however, there are a lot of positive Levitra reviews. As many men say, they buy Levitra because its impact on the sexual function is astonishing. The remedy is highly effective for increasing weak potency.

After the first use, many men with erectile dysfunction (impotence) are able to easily perform sexual intercourse. There are frequent cases when Levitra dosage was reduced, which did not affect Levitra effects.

Another Levitra advantage is its natural effect on the body. After taking the capsule, erection will not occur without sexual stimulation. At the end of sexual act erection disappears gradually, that is, all processes seem as much natural as possible.

Men who have used Levitra for several years confirm its safety and lack of addiction.

Among the huge number of positive Levitra reviews advertising Levitra, we have found only a few complaints of Levitra side effects. However, they were insignificant and did not cause any inconvenience, moreover, they quickly disappeared. Speaking of Levitra side effects, we can point out lethargy, headaches, facial redness, dyspepsia, and nose bleeding.

How does Levitra work?


A sufficient amount of nitric oxide in the penis is needed to produce normal erection. Vardenafil helps to relax the muscles of the cavernous body of the penis. The action of Levitra tablets is aimed at providing control of nitric oxide in the blood. When the brain receives an excitation signal, the amount of nitrogen oxide increases under the influence of Levitra, providing optimal conditions for erection. Levitra starts acting quickly – in 15 minutes, and sometimes in 25 minutes. To buy Levitra online in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy means to call “ambulance”. The drug is valid up to 5 hours. It can seem not so long, however, this is quite enough to satisfy a woman.

Levitra uses and dosages

The drug is taken orally regardless of foods. The recommended Levitra dose is 10 mg taken 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. The maximum possible frequency of Levitra use is 1 time per day. It should be noted that a sufficient sexual stimulation is required in order to achieve a table erection.

Depending on the tolerability of the main components and the effectiveness, the dose can be increased to Levitra 20mg or reduced to Levitra 5mg per day.

Levitra contraindications

  • Women of any age and men under 18;
  • Simultaneous use with alpha-blockers;
  • Simultaneous use with nitrogen dopants, nitrates;
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug;
  • Cardiovascular diseases, in which sexual activity is not recommended

Generic Levitra should be taken with caution:

  • Anatomical deformation of the penis;
  • People with congenital QT interval;
  • Priapism predisposition (leukemia, myeloma, sickle cell anemia);
  • Severe impairment of liver function

Levitra effectiveness

As a result of clinical trials, the drug has proved very effective, its effect was probably the highest among all drugs of the group of PDE-5 inhibitors.

When using Levitra in patients with erectile dysfunction of varying degrees, the effectiveness of the drug was 87% and 94%, depending on the dose administered.

Vardenafil has proven effective in 62% of cases in people with resistance to Sildenafil (Viagra).

Levitra instructions for use

  • Levitra pills should be taken inside;
  • The recommended Levitra dose is 10 mg;
  • Also, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy advises to start with a dose of Levitra 5mg;
  • Depending on the individual tolerability of the drug, the daily dose of the drug can be increased to Levitra 20mg;
  • The maximum daily dose of Vardenafil is 20 mg;
  • Levitra starts acting in 10 minutes and provides conditions for excellent erection during the next 5 hours;
  • The action of the drug does not depend on foods;
  • Levitra is combined with alcohol (in small amounts);
  • Sexual stimulation is required.

Vardenafil not only provides conditions for erection, but also improves its quality. The time of sexual intercourse increases 2-3 times, the volume of the penis increases to 60% due to blood flow.

The drug is well tolerated and remains effective in long-term use.

Levitra side effects

Possible side effects that may occur when taking Vardenafil: headache, dispersion, face redness, rhinitis, dizziness. As a rule, all these side effects are mild and short-term.